Vox Teardrops and Phantoms On Display- Photo by Felix Geishecker
Vox Teardrops and Phantoms On Display – Photo by Felix Geishecker – CC BY-SA 2.0

Vox guitars are not the most popular of rock guitars, however they do have their fans, and for some people getting hold of an out of production Vox, means that they are getting hold of a vintage guitar without having to pay massive prices. Vox did create some highly innovative guitars with onboard effects which although slightly gimmicky are what some guitarists really want.

This section is dedicated to Vox guitars, and to helping you find one via our customised eBay searches. If you are looking for a Vox, then eBay is probably the best place to look, as it has become the main trading centre for guitar sellers and buyers of all brands and models, particularly vintages. We hope that you like the section, check out the links below and see what is on offer.

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Vox Guitars Sections: All Vox · History · Vintage