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Any guitar that is no longer rolling out of the workshops or factories is listed as a vintage, and there are quite a few PRS models, from the ‘Standard’, and the ‘SE’ range that are highly sought after, although not many of them command crazy prices. This is good news, because PRS guitars are one of the few makes where a non-professional musician can afford a vintage just for the pleasure of playing it, without having to look at it as a potential investment.

PRS vintage guitars are extremely popular, you can pick them up for next to nothing compared to some other makes, and the vintage issue aside, the reason that they are so popular is the high quality of even their SE range. This may not last forever though, as prices may go up as their production values become more widely recognised by the guitar community over the ‘cultural’ value of other makes. Grab a bargain, while you can!

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PRS Guitars Sections: All PRS · History · Vintage · Custom · Parts