Hofner 'Shorty' Contemporary Series Travel Guitar Bridge and Humbuckers

Hofner Shorty Travel Guitars – The Ideal Guitar For Small Spaces

Today I’m giving a shout out to this little guitar that packs a lot of punch. Don’t be fooled by its diminutive size, this guitar has a full scale neck and an open Hofner Humbucker for the noise production. The guitar has been in production since the 1980s, and is still available for around the £120 mark, complete with its own small carry case to take on your travels.

Hofner Shorty Guitar

I suppose we could classify this as a custom guitar, and 1980s would certainly put it into the vintage category as well. However, as for my interest, it sits firmly in the ‘small enough to be able to hide behind the sofa and not offend the wife’ category.

As much as I’d love to be able to have my current Strat in the living room, by the time you take into account the stand and the height, it was never going to fit in with the wife’s decor. However, this shorty is budget and can just sit in the corner happily, barely noticeable and easy to pull out when the wife leaves the room for 5 minutes. Needless to say, this is where my one mainly lived until a move of house and culling of the collection.

The small headstock and trimmed down body made it a light guitar, and the open humbucker gave it a pleasant sound. It was surprisingly easy to hold as well, sat down on the lap or laying back comfortably with it on the torso. Ideal for a quick run through the scales or to flesh through a tune in your head without pulling everything out and setting up the main guitar.

Given the budget, I did have a few issues with it. The bridge was a bit tricky come restring time, and the jack input got a bit loose, but other than those little niggles (which can affect guitars 10x the price) it was a solid bit of wood. The sparkly finish was also nice, in my favourite red with black highlights.

It wasn’t just me that hid one away, the local muso that worked in the highstreet independent music store had one behind his counter, and could often be seen with it when the shop was empty. Coincidentally, it was from that shop I bought mine, and at the time he said he had one at home as well, hidden behind the sofa. Make of that what you will. 😀

Here’s the specs should you be of interest.

Basswood top and back
Maple neck with rosewood fingerboard
24.7″ (62.8cm) scale length
42mm nut width
22 frets
Hofner Open Humbucker

And here’s some that are listed on eBay – I bought mine for about £90 new back around 2009. Today with inflation and all, I think you’ll be looking around that for second hand and £120ish new.

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