PRS knobs and bridge

PRS do not have the ‘cultural edge’ of Gibson, or Fender, Hendrix never set fire to one, and Jimmy Page has never recorded a famous solo on one. What this means is that in the fickle world of guitar playing, PRS have a long way to go before guitarists are sat around in bars arguing over PRS versus Fender versus PRS. This may be a bit unfair, as PRS produce some exceptionally high quality guitars, and their Student Edition (SE) range are amazing value for money in comparison with other brands.

The good news however is that at the moment, you can still pick up a very well designed and well made PRS guitar for considerably fewer bucks than if you were to buy a Fender or a Gibson. This section of the website is devoted to making it easier for you to find PRS guitars on eBay through our customised eBay searches that cut out much of the rubbish that comes up on most searches, and so will save you time. You can also find spares and accessories, as well as pages dedicated to custom, and vintage PRS guitars, check out the links below.

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PRS Guitars Sections: All PRS · History · Vintage · Custom · Parts