Fender Telecaster classic sunburst

The Telecaster is the first, and some would say the last great guitar. It’s been around since 1950 and not too much has changed in its construction or the materials used. There’s been a few name changes along the way to, the Tele also went by the name of Broadcaster, Esquire and Nocaster.

One thing that has changed however is production methods, a brand new Tele today will not have been made with the same care and attention as those built prior to 1965. Pre CBS Telecasters are the ‘Holy Grail’ of guitars, and it’s for this reason that they are highly sought after, and more than a little bit expensive.

Bargains can be found although they are rare, but, then again most prices for Pre CBS Tele are a bargain as they have continued to go up in value over the years. eBay is one place where Pre CBS Telecasters are bought and sold these days, so if that’s what you are after, have a look at what is advertised today on the listings below. If you can’t see exactly what you want on the list click onto the list itself, and you will be taken through to the extended search results for Teles from this golden era.

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Find Pre CBS Fender Telecaster (1950-1965) At eBay

Listed below are Pre CBS Fender Telecaster (1950-1965) available via eBay. Please note that Custom Vintage Guitar has no control over the items listed, you will need to deal with the individual ebay sellers yourself. Also, check the listing thouroughly, due to the way some guitars are named, the may have a vintage year in the title, but be a re-issue.

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