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Welcome to custom and vintage guitars, where we celebrate our favourite electric guitars. We highlight online auctions featuring some of the most popular and collected models of guitar, and one or two that we’re a little bit in love with.

We’ve put together pages that compile targeted searches of eBay guitar auctions for quick and easy access to our favourite model, from customised models to vintage collector pieces. Our current favourites are below, but in time we might add more.

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Gretsch Headstock

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PRS knobs and bridge

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Rickenbacker electric in use


Vox Phantom

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News and views, auction highlights and more. It’s all about them guitars we love and like to talk about.

Tanglewood Jetstream JV & Baretta – Great Looks For No Bucks

Another that I’ve personally owned, and well, if you take 25 years as the timescale for vintage, it’s close to that. I bought mine back in 1998, they’d been around...
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Hofner Shorty Travel Guitars – The Ideal Guitar For Small Spaces

Today I’m giving a shout out to this little guitar that packs a lot of punch. Don’t be fooled by its diminutive size, this guitar has a full scale neck...
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Guitar Wishlist – Welsh Dragon Flag Aria Pro II TA40

The Guitar Wishlist is the place for those guitars I’ve never owned, but looked at lovingly and thougt yeah, would like one of them. The first one needs a bit...
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Westone Thunder I – Vintage Class On A Budget

I wanted to give our first proper post over to a guitar I previously owned until recently – the Westone Thunder. Westone was a brand that has slipped into memory...
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New Look, Same Passions

Oh, hello, welcome to the brand new looking Custom And Vintage Guitars. We’ve updated ourselves and got a fancy new look, to house collections of our favourite guitars. What’s more,...
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