HH Custom Fender Jaguar
HH Custom Fender Jaguar – Photo by Valentin Ottone – CC BY-SA 2.0

The main Jaguar reissues that everyone is after are the 1962s from the American Vintage Collection which although not cheap, do go at fraction of the price of some of the strats. With a rosewood fingerboard (fret board) it comes in several colours including sunburst and white.

The Classic Player Jaguar Special is a reissue with improved pick ups (for better tone), and a new bridge although it still has the floating tremolo mechanism (the original bridge being the cause of many complaints, although for some part of the attraction).

Jaguar reissues are gaining in popularity, although they are still at the lower end of the Fender price range. Along with the recent developments in newer improved Jaguars, Fender are realising that although it may not be its biggest seller, there will always be a market, and for the buyer this means that eventually Jaguars will be harder to come by, and the price will go up. Happy Hunting – grab one while they’re still relatively cheap.

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Fender Jaguar Sections: All Jaguars · History · Vintage · Reissues · Parts

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