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Vintage Gibsons can go for a hell of a lot of money, often six figures, particularly if they have a famous guitarists previous ownership attached to them. It’s many a guitarist’s dream to find a vintage SG in a garage sale, covered in dust, and walk off with it twenty bucks lighter of pocket, but feeling good about being bad. EBay is full of guitar ‘wise guys’ who are out there scouring for some hapless person to part with a Vintage SG for far less than it’s worth, but that’s rare.

Even though Vintage SGs go for a lot of bucks, if you really do want get your hands on one, eBay is probably the best place to get a few bucks off, although when you are looking at forking out large amounts of cash, make sure that you are aware of the intricacies of bidding strategies, by reading up a little bit before you enter an auction. Good luck finding that once in a lifetime deal.

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Find Vintage Gibson SG (1961 – 1969) At eBay

Listed below are Vintage Gibson SG (1961 – 1969) available via eBay. Please note that Custom Vintage Guitar has no control over the items listed, you will need to deal with the individual ebay sellers yourself.

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Gibson SG Sections: All SG · History · Vintage · Custom & Reissued · Parts

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