PRS Soapbar - Photo by Pierre Journel
PRS Soapbar – Photo by Pierre Journel – CC BY-SA 2.0

Being as PRS are known for their ‘high-end’ guitar production values, its not surprising that they have several Custom and Signature guitars in (and out) of production. These are well designed and constructed guitars and most of them contain components such as the pick ups that are only made by, and for PRS, their technology being kept a bit of a secret. Despite the fact that these custom models being so relatively new on the scene, they are highly sought after by collectors who’ve got the ‘smarts’ to realise that they are a great investment.

If you are thinking of buying a Custom PRS Guitar, don’t leave it too long, as pretty soon everyone is going to get wise to these amazing guitars at the expense of the more traditional collectors guitar brands, which will inevitably push the prices up, and they may eventually end up going for the stratospheric amounts that some of the Fenders and other brands do. If you don’t see the exact model that you are looking for on the list below, click on the ‘view all items’ link at the bottom of the list and you see the full eBay listings for Custom PRS Guitars guitars.

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PRS Guitars Sections: All PRS · History · Vintage · Custom · Parts