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The SG has had many versions over the years, but luckily they mostly use standard components, so apart from one or two exceptions, there is rarely a spare part that can’t be found on eBay. And it’s also a great place to search for parts to customise or even build your own Gibson SG. If you’ve bought a Vintage but don’t have the original strap, then that’s another thing that you might find in the section below.

Gibson parts do sometimes come at an unnecessary premium if they are rare, and this is one time when it might be wise not to click that ‘buy now’ button, and wait to see what happens in the auction. Even when a part is essential, it may be wise to back off if the reserve price is obviously over inflated, and maybe look elsewhere. It’s all a matter of time, how long you have to search, and how long you’re prepared to wait for the right part to come up at the right price. Good luck finding that part.

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Find Gibson SG Parts And Accessories At eBay

Listed below are Gibson SG Parts And Accessories available via eBay. Please note that Custom Vintage Guitar has no control over the items listed, you will need to deal with the individual ebay sellers yourself.

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Gibson SG Sections: All SG · History · Vintage · Custom & Reissued · Parts

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