Fender Wayne Kramer Strat

New Look, Same Passions

Oh, hello, welcome to the brand new looking Custom And Vintage Guitars. We’ve updated ourselves and got a fancy new look, to house collections of our favourite guitars. What’s more, you seeing what is our first ever blog post, the newest feature here on the site.

If you don’t know about the site, let alone the blog, the idea is simple. Myself and a fellow guitar fan put it together as a quick means of being able to list searches of some of our favourite guitars, and guitar brands. We’re not collectors or jobbing musicians, but that’s never stopped us pouring over guitars we love.

So that’s why we made this site, to filter straight to our favourite guitars and searches without a lot of the noise you get when you search eBay. By visiting the pages at the site you can quickly access those lovely planks and see what’s currently getting the bidders going at the old fleabay.

That’s quite a simple premise really, but now with added blog. As time goes on we’ll be doing posts on some our favourite guitars, accessories, vintage models, auction highlights, the ones we’re currently lusting over and more. We’ll share some of our favourite models, oddities, rarities and over-priced hopefuls, whenever we get the chance.

So strap in, strap on (your guitar, silly) and join us for the ride. If the blog don’t move you, go check out our sections and admire the lovely guitars on offer. All aboard now! 🙂